Pedagogic offers

Our requirements for a today’s kindergarten are on high level. That means that we would like to have not only a modern kindergarten which is a place where you have a good feeling to bring your children. Also we offer a special ‘Pfiffikus- concept’. This concept includes a very individual support at any age.

Three years old children have a kind of knowledge that most people do not know. Children explore the whole world like scientists: systematic, focused and consequent. That’s why we see the child as a constructor of his own development - we want to spend orienting support and make sure that organized conditions exist (space, time, materials, and excitation). This concept is closely connected with the latest results of child psychology development & research.

Openness, respect, tolerance, solidarity and the appreciation of the equity of all people, irrespectively of the gender and origin, the participation in the own culture as well as knowledge about other cultures, respect for the nature - all these points from the MICAS- philosophy are part of the education program for the kindergarten too.

The children get adequate participation and creative opportunities, for instance on community rules, the structuring of the rooms or the planning of activities. Due to specific support, our intention is to enable the exploration of all facets of education for the children.