Nutrition concept

To eat and to drink is much more than ingestion. The atmosphere while the children are eating influence their eating habits and the ability to enjoy something.

A pleasant atmosphere is created when children have the chance to eat at an inviting covered table with appetizing food. The children have the possibility to decide how much they like to eat. Furthermore our children make suggestions for their diet.

We offer food which is healthy, rich in vitamins and minerals, varied and of course it should be tasty too. All in all we offer child oriented catering.

We have a homemade lunch, but nevertheless we want to increase the prominence of breakfast. We offer a full and varied breakfast which is rich in all important ingredients. This supports not only the best start in the day, but also simplifies the effort for the parents in the morning.

Fresh fruits, milk and tea are available permanently. We really want to sensitize our children with an early nutritional education for the future.