The daily structure

In the Pfiffilino after school day care centre the children experience a daily routine that is structured by fixed times for certain activities. This gives safety as well as orientation and takes especially the children’s body rhythm, its nutritional needs, exercise, motivation as well as rest and relaxation into account. There are also times where playing has priority.

Special events and rites such as birthdays, holidays and excursions are planned early and therefore different preferences are considered.

Staying at the Pfiffilino after school day care centre enables the kids to find their individual pace for activities and routines as well as for transitions.

Either independently or with adequate support and according to their skills the children fulfil tasks in everyday situations (with the meals, when tidying up and rearranging the common room) and participate in common projects and individual activities.

The daily structure is therefore predictable for the children, but offers also time for alterations according to current needs.