Cable break test

Cable break test

The wire bend tester is suitable for wire bend tests or vibration tests of plug pins, power cables, USB cables, headphone cables, audio cables and other products. The sample is attached to the fixture and a load is added. The tester swings several times from left to right. The machine stops automatically when a cable break is detected and shows the number of bends to break on a display. This machine complies with UL817 standards such as "General Safety Requirements for Cables and Power Cords" and GB/T14471-93 on General Technical Requirements for Bend Testing of Headphone Cables.

Testing stations6 Groups
Bending angle0-180° adjustable
Testing speed10-60 / min
SteuerungssystemDigital with LCD display
Load weight50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g

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